T&Cs – ABSS Print & Design

ABSS Print & Design (abss-print.co.uk) – Comprehensive Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions and Business Overview

a. ABSS Print & Design: Hereinafter referred to as ABSS, is a graphic design and printing business owned and operated by Cameron Armstrong as a sole trader. The business is also identified as ABSS, ABSS-Print.co.uk, or variations of the full trading name ‘ABSS Print & Design.’

b. Client: The term ‘Client’ pertains to the individual or company engaging ABSS for the acquisition of either complimentary or paid products and services and those who have done so in the past.

2. Scope of Design and Printing Services

a. ABSS extends a range of offerings, including design and print packages, graphic design services, and other design-centric services.

b. Once a design has been sanctioned for printing by the client, ABSS is absolved of any liabilities pertaining to the approved design.

c. Spellings and grammar within the design are the sole responsibility of the client. ABSS does not accept any responsibility for errors in content or design.

d. Discrepancies in colour, brightness, definition (DPI), visual quality, and other design aspects may be present between the initial preview ‘PROOF’ image and the eventual printed product.

e. ABSS adheres to a strict policy of not accepting returns under any circumstances, and refunds are only entertained as a gesture of goodwill.

3. Notification of Damaged Deliveries

a. The onus is on the client to inform ABSS within a 12-hour window from the recorded delivery time in the event of any damaged print or products being received.

4. Ownership and Rights of Designs

a. ABSS unequivocally owns and will continue to retain 100% of the rights to all designs created under its purview.

b. The client grants full unlimited permission for ABSS to use any supplied content, images, logos, and other design aspects for its own internal, commercial, portfolio, advertising and marketing use unless agreed otherwise in writing.

5. Delivery Dates and Estimates

a. Any dates provided for delivery or delivery estimates are non-binding. ABSS does not offer refunds or partial refunds for delayed or expedited deliveries.

6. Design Approval Protocols and Alterations

a. Clients are urged to grant approval only when entirely satisfied, as ABSS does not entertain changes to a design once the order for printing has been initiated.

b. No alterations to a design can be made once the client has approved in writing (text, email, online message, letter, on the phone), or made payment (see 6.c).

c. Payment of an invoice is tantamount to the client’s approval of the most recent design ‘PROOF’ image, pdf or file provided/shown.

7. Client-supplied material and Responsibilities

a. ABSS bears no liability for logos, stock images, content, or other design elements supplied by the client.

b. Clients are obligated to ensure that the provided material aligns with licensing, copyright, or royalty laws.

c. ABSS will retain unlimited permission to keep and use any content, logos, photos, graphics or design elements provided to ABSS for its own internal, commercial, portfolio, advertising and marketing use unless agreed otherwise in writing.

8. Print Errors, Shortages, Overages and Replacements

a. Clients must promptly report any print errors or discrepancies in product formats within 12 hours for the consideration of replacements or refunds.

b. Our liability in respect to shortages (fewer pieces delivered than the quantity ordered) is as follows: nothing is rewarded for shortages of upto 5%. For shortages of 6%-10% an equal value (to the value of the quantity amount affected) of discount will be offered for future order. For shortages of 11% an over, reprinting/producing of the affected percentage of the total quantity will be offered.

c. All overages (more pieces delivered than quantity ordered) may be kept by the client at no additional cost.

d. Any replacements offered may only be for the same product originally ordered and no design changes will be offered.

9. Portfolio Utilization and Design Retention

a. ABSS reserves the unassailable right to utilise designs for marketing or portfolio purposes without the necessity of explicit client consent.

b. Clients who permit the use of their material for design purposes also grant permission for broader marketing applications.

c. The retention of previous designs is attempted, but ABSS does not guarantee the perpetual availability of all designs.

10. Legal Compliance and Client-Requested Designs

a. While ABSS endeavours to ensure legal compliance, clients are ultimately responsible for the legality of their requests, and ABSS disclaims any responsibility in this regard.

11. Design Usage Liability

a. ABSS disclaims any liability for the use of designs, and clients found employing designs for illicit purposes may face a permanent ban from ABSS services.

12. Refusal of Service

a. ABSS retains the unrestricted right to decline any customer, order, or company without the obligation to furnish a specific reason.

13. Client’s Full Responsibility

a. Clients bear complete responsibility for the use of designs, files, content, or products provided by ABSS.

14. Legal Disputes and Third-Party Claims

a. ABSS absolves itself from any liability for legal disputes arising between clients and third parties concerning materials designed by ABSS.

15. Payment Terms and Late Payments

a. Full payment must be remitted before any product or service is rendered. Failure to make full payment within 30 days may result in order cancellation, with labour billed at an hourly rate.

b. ABSS reserve the right to charge fees on delayed payments after one payment reminder where potential fees will be explained.

c. Any monies owed to ABSS by the client may be settled fully or partially out of payments intended for other orders.

16. Price Quotes and Estimates

a. Quotes are presented as estimates, and the final invoiced price may deviate from the originally quoted price.

17. Estimates, Guarantees, and Order Cancellations

a. Design and delivery estimates are non-guaranteed, and ABSS retains the prerogative to retract or cancel a quote or order at any juncture without being obligated to provide a justification.

b. ABSS does not offer any cancellation period and due to bespoke products falling under the ‘bespoke exemption’, there is no ‘cooling off period’ offered.

18. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

a. By continuing to communicate with ABSS, the client is agreeing with these terms and conditions without any exception.

b. The client should make ABSS aware of any part of these terms and conditions that they do not understand or agree with before placing an order, continuing to communicate with or requesting the commencement of any work paid or otherwise.

c. Payment of any ABSS invoice acts as acceptance of these terms and conditions.

E: info@abss-print.co.uk

T: 07585 328 283

Last updated: January 2024