Restaurants/Takeaways: The True Power Of A Printed Takeaway Menu Campaign

If done correctly, printed takeaway menus can be one of the best ways to boost takeaway orders.

There’s only a small difference between successful takeaway menus that turn a profit and unsuccessful ones that don’t. And it’s all down to a few very simple things.

Unfortunately, many takeaway owners just assume that just any old menu design & printing will be fine and will take anything as long as it’s cheap. As a result, these people usually end up wasting their time and losing money. Customers see cheap, poorly designed menus and instantly assume the food, service and general style of the business is ‘cheap’, is that what you want for your business? If not, keep reading.


What is the secret to making a big impact with your takeaway menus?

Here are 3 points you don’t want to miss…


#1: Your Takeaway Menu Design

If your menu design isn’t done properly, you may as well just forget about it. The design and layout of your takeaway menu should take customers on a mental journey through all the options they have when ordering a meal from you. You’re not just showing what you offer, you’re helping them decide what they want to eat. 

“Do I Need Menu Photos?”

Including pictures of the food that you’re offering in your menu does more for sales than you might think. However, who wants the hassle of hiring an expensive photographer for a whole day or more? Even worse is the thought of having to cook them every meal you make all in one day just so they can take some photos.

Well lucky for all of us, it’s not worth it anyway. Stock photos are a wonderful thing and most good menu designers will add them for you. Say what you like about it, but unless you’re McDonald’s or have £1,000’s to spend to get photos of your own photos, it’s really not necessary for your menu photos to be of your actual food. Simply having images of the kind of food you offer serves the purpose.

Color, Branding & General ‘Coolness’

A menu that when gazed at, make people say something along the lines of “cool” or “looks nice that” or even “this place looks fancy” is exactly what you should be aiming for. The way this is achieved is through your colour scheme, the layout, the contrast between images, text, having everything in a logical order & spacing to make it digestible (pun intended), and also the way your brand comes across.

At ABSS Print & Design, we always start with your logo (or we’ll make you one if you don’t already have one), this way the entire design can revolve around a brand. It makes sure you come across as a well-established, professional and high-quality restaurant/takeaway.


#2 The Printing of Your Takeaway Menus

In our 10+ years of working with takeaways and restaurants, this is what we’ve learned.

When it comes to printing your menus we offer 3 main pieces of advice…

“How many takeaway menus will I need to get printed?”

Getting 1,000 copies just ain’t gonna cut it. In fact, we stopped offering any less than 5k recently to hopefully prevent our new clients from making a big mistake.

I know what you’re thinking “yeah yeah, a printing company telling me I should order more, surprise surprise”, I get it, but please hear me out… In our experience supplying restaurants and takeaways for many many years, any owner who orders 1k-3k is only planning on giving these out to people who come through the door, to put some in with deliveries going out to customers and to give some to anyone who asks at the counter. Right?

While these are all important reasons to have some handy, these people are missing out on the exact reason these types of menus are so popular. You see, all these scenarios are for people who already know your business exists. It’s like hiring a salesman and only sending him to previous customers. You’re missing the new people!

In the next point, I’ll explain further what we recommend in terms of distribution. But, that’s the point, a well-constructed menu is a visual introduction to your business and it can be viewed by your potential customers in the comfort of their own homes. More so, if they like the look of it and decide to keep it handy, it’ll be seen every time they open their kitchen drawer.

We say 10k minimum is a good starting point. Keep 2-3K somewhere on your premises and the rest should be fed out to local peoples letterboxes.

What paper quality is good for takeaway menus?

Would you pay more money for the same newspaper just because it’s printed on thicker paper? of course not!

A standard gloss-finish art paper is all that’s required for an effective menu. Heavier paper qualities might sound like the better option to covey a higher-class image. But in reality, it’s not worth it.

Our popular 135gsm gloss menus are perfect for any food menu. Even though we could happily charge you more for our 170gsm or higher, it’s simply not worth the extra money. Heavier paper costs more to buy and since couriers charge per kilo, increase the delivery rate of your menus too.

At the end of the day, people want to see a professional design that shows what you offer and how much you charge, they really and truly don’t care about the paper quality.


#3 How To Effectively Distribute Takeaway Menus?

Good distribution of your folded menus is what really makes this entire investment worth every penny and more.

We recommend doing it properly with Royal Mail Door to Door (normally minimum of around 10k). But there are plenty of distribution companies available who will do less. The only thing I’d mention is if you’re going for the cheaper option of a private distribution company, just make sure they offer some form of proof of deliveries made. This may be GPS tracking of their workers or spot-checks on houses in areas, just make sure it’s done properly. 

What if you want to save more by doing it yourselves? Using your own staff may save you some money, for reference, you can expect around 150-250 deliveries per hour, per person (depending on how built up the area is).

Top Menu Distribution Advice

To ensure you can cope with a surge in orders and also to find out what areas are most effective, limit numbers of deliveries per week and take note of which areas are most responsive to your menu distribution. Most distribution services offer this as standard.

What Do We Offer At ABSS Print & Design?

We offer professional and effective design, high-quality printing and free UK delivery of your takeaway menus, all for very competitive prices!

10+ Years of Experience
Everything Designed from Scratch
Free Stock Images Included
Friendly-Reliable Service
Excellent Quality
Virtually Any Size/Quantity!
Printing & Design of 100’s of products


Takeaway Menu Sizes/Formats we offer:

A4 folded menus (folded in half/thirds/quarters)

A4 flat menus

A3 folded menus

A3 flat menus

A5 6pp

A5 8pp

DL menus

Staple-bound menu booklets

Custom size menus


Menu Quantities We Offer:

1,000 pcs

2,000 pcs

5,000 pcs

10,000 pcs

15,000 pcs

20,000 pcs

30,000 pcs

50,000 pcs

100,000 pcs

200,000 pcs (selected formats)

300,000 pcs (selected formats)

500,000+ pcs (selected formats)

Takeaway Menu Paper Qualities We Offer:

90gsm (Gloss or Silk)

115gsm (Gloss or Silk)

130gsm/135gsm (Gloss or Silk)

170gsm (Gloss or Silk)

250gsm (Gloss or Silk)


Free UK Delivery:

Once designed and printed, your takeaway menus will be delivered to your door for free: Tracked domestic couriers deliver all orders up to a certain weight/size and logistics firms (HGV) deliver our larger orders. On the other hand, if you need your menus quicker, you can upgrade to a faster turnaround service.


How It Works:

Step 1: We discuss your design with you.

Step 2: We create design.

Step 3: You give feedback/ask for changes.

Step 4: We finalise design.

Step 5: You approve for printing when ready.

Step 6: We print and dispatch within 2-3 few days.

Step 7: You recieve your menus!

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