Logo Design Service (Ultra-High-Quality)

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Our logo design package is unbeatable. You’ll not only get an ultra-high-quality logo that is 100% original (guaranteed), you’ll also get the exact colour codes used so you can match the colours in your other branded materials and content.

We also supply finished logos in many versions for ideal for all kinds of usage, such as:

  • Social Media Version
  • Large-format Version
  • Transparent Background Version
  • CMYK (print) Version
  • Gradient Background Version

+ virtually any other format you need

We listen to your exact needs and wants when planning your logo in order to create exactly what you need.




How long will it take to design my logo?

Once we know what you want, we’ll normally show you the first version within 2 working days. You can then ask for any changes and we’ll normally make these changes on the same day or next. All subject to how busy we are at the time of your ordering.


“Can I give you a drawing of the logo I want to be made?”

Yes! Absolutely, this is a very common and very effective way of showing us what kind of logo you want.


“Will my logo be big enough for a shop sign/large poster etc?”

Yes, as standard our logos are 8K resolution minimum. But, if you need bigger, just ask.


“Will my logo be vector-based?”

Our logos are bitmap-based and we do not offer vector-based logos. However, our ultra-high-definition logos can be made big enough for virtually any use. Contact us if you have any worries at all.


“Do you use templates?/Will my logo be original?”

We do NOT use templates in any of our designs whatsoever. And yes, your logo will be 100% original. We create all our designs and logos from scratch and each and every part of the design will be 100% original. The only part of our logos that we don’t create ourselves are fonts that will use for some logos. Any fonts we use are fully licensed for use in commercial logos.


“Where are you based?”

We’re based in Stirling, Scotland.

2 reviews for Logo Design Service (Ultra-High-Quality)

  1. Paul

    Really great design would recommend ABSS Print and Design to anyone. My logo was good enough quality to be put on my 3meter wide sign and still be good quality!!!

  2. Jane Douglas


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