"What is 'bleed' and how do I add it to my design?"

Bleed is an extra 2mm added to each edge of your design that we cut off after printing. Bleed is used in commercial printing to ensure there aren't any gaps between the edges of your design and the edges of the paper (blank/unprinted gaps). To add bleed, simply add an extra 4mm to the width and an extra 4mm to the height of your design size before saving the final file. You should then extend your background to the edge of the new size before saving. Please keep any important text or images at least 5mm from the edges so they are not at risk of being cut.


"I ordered design with my print, what do I do next?"

If you ordered our design service with your print, one of our designers will contact you regarding your design requirements. However, to speed things up a bit, you can send your requirements to info@abss-print.co.uk after your order has been placed. Please include as much information as should be needed and attach any logos or photos you want us to include in your design.


"How long does the design service take?"

If you ordered design with your printing and have sent your requirements to us, you will usually receive the first draft of your design in around 1-2 working days. However, design time depends on which product you ordered and how busy our designers are at the time of ordering. For a more accurate estimate, contact us after ordering.


"How long does the free turnaround/delivery take?"

Our standard turnaround usually takes approximately 6 working days. Once you've approved your files for print and the files have been checked by our print team, you can sit back while we prepare the files, print, finish, trim, package & dispatch your order. Once dispatched, products are usually delivered by DPD. Tracking updates are available on request.


"Can I upgrade to a faster turnaround?"

If you need your order faster, we have some upgrades available that can speed up the production and delivery of your print. For turnaround upgrades, just ask us in an email.


"What is GSM?"

GSM stands for Grams (per) Square Meter. It's a measurement of paper thickness/weight used in the industry. Our standard flyers are printed on 135gsm paper and our standard business cards are printed on 35gsm paper. The higher the number, the thicker/heavier the paper.


"What 'finish' should I choose?"

When ordering flyers/leaflets, business cards or takeaway menus, you have a choice of 'finish'. The options are usually 'Gloss' or 'Silk' (some products may have less or more options). Gloss-finish is a slightly shiny paper great for flyers and menus. Silk-finish is a smooth matte paper with no shine, this is great if you will be writing or stamping over the print (i.e. loyalty cards).


"What are your design requirements for using my own artwork?"

Before submitting your print file please ensure it meets our requirements:

Format: PDF or JPEG. Some other formats may be accepted, please email us for help.

Colour mode: CMYK (RBG files will be converted and may differ visually from the original file submitted)

Bleed: 2mm

Resolution: We recommend 300DPI (up to 600DPI can be submitted)

Complexity: Flat (merged/flattened layers)

If you need assistance preparing your file, please email us: info@abss-print.co.uk.